CMS (Capacitance Measurement System)

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Hole Diameter Mapping System

Airframe and other demanding structures require thousands of fastener hole inspections to ensure compliance to exacting design specifications. The CMS3 and Capacitive Hole Probe (CHP) combine to form a system that reduces operator influence. The non-contact displacement sensor probe contains 48 sensors that allow the system to inspect 24 inside diameter locations of a fastener hole in one insertion in less than 3 seconds.

Additional Features

  • High-speed, high-precision measurement of straight, tapered, or countersink fastener holes
  • Min, max, and average hole diameter are displayed with the option of Pass/Fail limits
  • The CMS3 interfaces with industry standard data collectors for in-process trend analysis
  • Dramatically increases measurement throughput while minimizing operator induced errors
  • Rigid probe design provides a unique centerline data reference
  • Wireless options available