Spring Contact Wand

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The portable “contact wand” blade length measurement system is used to measure gaps between fan blades and the engine cowling. The advantage of this system is that it does not require grounding of the target, and the handheld wand and electronics can easily access any of the fan blade gaps without any necessity to rotate the blades.


  • A double-sided GPD4 non-contact displacement sensor is installed onto a metal want with two flexible leaf springs placed on top to provide the target.
  • When the wand is introduced into the gap, the leaf springs bend inward toward the sensors giving a precise reading of the gap.
  • The sensor wand can either be integrated into a portable Gapman unit or alternatively into a Gapmaster3 electronics package with a remote wand option.


Spring contact wand GP-5(.022)-A-150

Size: 0.55”x 7.9”x 0.017” (14 mm x 200 mm x 0.43 mm)

Range: .025” to 0.140” (0.64mm to 3.56mm)