AC Interface Fixture

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The AC Interface Fixture extends the range of wound components testable by the AT3600 through allowing a variety of third-party AC sources to provide a test signal.

The AC interface, a versatile accessory for the AT3600 transformer tester, is designed to integrate either a step-up transformer (as shown) or an external AC source when voltage and power levels needed for transformer testing are beyond the capacity of the AT3600’s internal generator.

The interface fits directly into the extended fixture bay of the AT3600 and provides all the necessary connection terminals, control circuits, safety switches, and digital communication required to bring power transformers into the AT testing environment.


  • Extends the range of testable wound components by the AT3600 by allowing a variety of third-party AC sources to provide the test signal.
  • Can be used with external sources that provide up to 600Vs at 10A, 20Hz to 1MHz for testing higher-power transformers.
  • Automatically controls the AC source to optimize test speeds and enhances operator safety.
  • Isolates the AT3600 from the external source when it is not being used, preventing damage to the source during high-voltage testing.