AT 3600

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Using patented measuring techniques, the AT3600 transformer tester has revolutionized transformer testing on a global scale. The AT3600 is a high-speed automatic transformer tester with the ability to test all possible manufacturing faults in one single fast and programmable sequence.

  • Through this, the AT3600 helps provide low voltage and high voltage testing, including 5kV AC 7kV DC safety hi-pot.
  • The AT3600 is capable of generating high test voltages.
  • To ensure user safety, products must be used with a suitable safety system, e.g. light curtains or a physical shield.
  • All AT3600s contain an Interlock Port to connect your choice of safety system (see User Manual 98-024, 8.2.7 Safety Interlock).
  • Please be sure to check that your choice of approved safety system meets your local safety regulations.

With more than 40 different tests available, the AT3600 guarantees transformer quality and safety.

Reduce test time by carrying out a complete functional test in seconds.

Minimize test costs—the AT3600 operates fully automatically and generates simple PASS or FAIL results. It’s fast, reliable and easy to configure.


  • Fast and extremely accurate: 10 standard tests per second at a basic ± 0.05% accuracy
  • Integral 20 node matrix to test 10 windings in 4 wire Kelvin mode
  • Integra 5kV AC/7kVDC hi-pot
  • Easy to operate in production lines with a clear PASS/FAIL indication
  • Stand-alone or network capability with PC software
  • Easy-to-program editor software package with graphic winding diagrams
  • Server software exports results for 100% Quality Auditing
  • Testing solutions for laminates, ferrites, and measurement needs.

The AT3600 offers unbeatable testing specifications:


  • DC-3Mhz
  • 1nH-1MH
  • 1mV-270V
  • 1mA-1A DC bias
  • 1mA -250A with additional DC1000


The Voltech integrated test solution saves you time and improves your products’ quality in a variety of ways:

  • No specialized operator training required
  • Reduced component handling
  • Consistent measurements through Voltech test fixturing
  • Increased testing speeds
  • Increased testing speeds
  • Test results are automatically stored
  • Reduced maintenance and calibration costs
  • Worldwide technical and service support

Using techniques patented by Voltech, the AT3600 and ATi introduce a fast, reliable and flexible test

solution for all small, medium, and large wound component manufacturers. Offering 100% testing of production output for 100% of the required functional and safety tests, the AT3600 and ATi provide complete assurance of zero-defect components. Whether they are used for manual testing or configured with automatic handling systems, the AT3600 and ATi will guarantee output quality, minimize test times, and reduce costs.