DC 1000

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The DC1000 is used to characterize transformers and inductive components intended for use in high current DC power supplies and DC-to-DC converters. It applies a bias current to transformers and chokes for impedance testing under working conditions, providing 100% testing. With minimal compensation required for high accuracy measurements, the DC1000 is your ideal choice. The DC1000 is also compatible with most LCR meters as well as the Voltech ATi and AT3600 automatic transformer tester.


  • Applies a bias current to chokes and transformers to test inductance under working conditions. It is the world’s first bias unit stackable to 250A.
  • BREAKTHROUGH DESIGN – smaller, lighter, and easier to connect and use than any other bias source.
  • PC sweep software included for plotting inductance vs. DC bias current.
  • Can be used as stand-alone with almost any L.C.R. meter and in production testing with the AT3600 and ATi testers for transformers.


Superior By Design
Minimal compensation required for high accuracy measurements.
Smooth 25A Linear Power.

Easy To Use
Switch on and use.
Rotary knob to easily set the current.
Stackable to 250A (up to 10 units in parallel).

Compatible with most L.C.R. meters as well as Voltech ATi and AT3600 automatic transformer tester.
RS232 for remote control.

Safety Interlock
20Hz to 3MHz Dynamic Range.