CWF 2000

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CWF is the latest project of BTSR INTERNATIONAL, a globally dominant company in designing high tech solutions and the leaders of innovation development in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

CWF represents a revolutionary new generation of Wire Constant Tension Feeding devices unique in terms of functionality and performance and capable of adjusting the tension of the finest wire range in coil winding processes with utmost accuracy.

Technical Features

  • Programmable tension range – 5g ÷ 2,000g (cN) with resolution 1g-0.5g ÷ 200g (cN) with resolution 0.1g
  • Wire diameter – 0.014 ÷ 0.6mm – 55 ÷ 23 AWG
  • Wire tension set-up resolution – 0.1/1g
  • Feeding speed range – 0.1 ÷ 25 m/w – 6 ÷ 1,500 mt/min
  • LWA function – Exact wire consumption measuring (Length Wire Absorption) with resolution of 0.1 mm
  • Auto LWA and alarm range setting – Tension LWA ± 1% up to ± 25% – Meter LWA ± 0.1 mt
  • Programming – CWF 2000 Editor / CANBUS / User Interface 485
  • Dimensions – 325x251x70 mm
  • Power supply voltage – 24VDC ± 10% – 24 VAC ± 20%

Features and Benefits

  • New ‘Full Digital’ Technology (BTSR patented): Featuring simultaneous dual control on both wire feeding tension and wire running speed for complete feed control.
  • Wire ‘Storage and Release’ capability (BTSR patented): Able to manage sudden wire absorption or release during the working process and simultaneously keeps the wire feeding tension at the set value.
  • Performance: Drastic process simplification, simultaneous TOP Quality, Accuracy and Repeatability results.
  • Fully programmable: Easy parameter setting (Tension Profiler, % tolerances, etc.) for diversified working conditions.
  • Advanced BTSR Motor Torque Control System (BTSR patented): Detects and adjusts wire input feeding tensions changes, thus avoiding undesired wire stretches.
  • A compact solution: Easy Plug & Play installation.
  • Tension Profiler Function (BTSR patented): The ability to program up to 3 different wire feeding tension values without interface/connection to the coil winding machine for up to 4 different wire feeding tension values during a winding cycle, utilizing two digital outputs.