HKW 800

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  • Wire range – up to 5 mm x 14 mm
  • Spindle drive – 2 Servo motor

The HKW 800 is a heavy duty floor winder, with a welded iron body. This design is special constructed for edge wind- ing applications. This machine can be used for edge winding product with round geometric. Required speed and torque range can be easily changed by the 3 step switch gear box, and if required the machine can be equipped with an additional reduction gear box too. The HKW800 is a very strong edge winding machine a special guide system and special tailstock. The controller is available in all languages. The programs can be easily generated by a 10.4” touch screen. The machine has an USB connection for import or export of winding programs. The programs can also be read and issued by Excel. A connection to a network is possible, as well as an internet connection by a modem for remote system check of our service personal.