LW 120-RS / LW 180-RS

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The LW 120-RS / LW 180-RS is a heavy duty floor winder, with a welded iron body. This design is for heavy and high precision linear winding applications with primary and sec- ondary winding. Required speed and torque range can be easily changed by the 3 step switch gear box, and if required the machine can be equipped with an additional reduction gear box too. The LW 120-RS / LW 180-RS is a very strong universal winding machine with tailstock. Typical applications are winding jobs with thin, thick and multi flat wire windings. The controller is available in all languages. The programs can be easily generated by a 10.4” touch screen. The machine has an USB connection for import or export of winding programs. The programs can also be read and issued by Excel. A connection to a network is possible, as well as an internet connection by a modem for remote system check of our service personal. The difference between LW 120-RS and LW 180-RS is the torque and the speed. One high light of this machine base is adjustable travese unit. The traverse can be adjusted to the winding diamter. A wide range of accessories is available for this machine too.


  • Wire range – up to 300 mm2
  • Coil dia. – Max. 1400 mm
  • Traverse length – 1300 mm
  • Controller – N.C. SIAX 100 Touch Screen color
  • Drive motors – 2 servos
  • Main motor brushless – 16 Nm (32 Nm)
  • Traverse motor brushless – 1,6 Nm