N.C. IPC EL870 / Industrial-PC

The controller of the Linear Winder is a sturdy industrial CN-Control, with a RUFF developed Software.The winding programs will be created in winding steps. The controller can handle csv-files, so for example, very long programs can be written in Excel and load it in the machine.A network connection of the machine to a computer is also possible, for send and up load of winding programs.All RUFF Linear Winders have the same controller, this has the advantage: one operator can handle all machine sizes from small bench top model up to heavy duty floor winder. Further the machine has 5 free programmable out-/ inputs for external devices if needed for your application, these can be activated or deactivated in each sequence.

Ruff dedicated software

  • Operating panel – 8″ Touchpanel with 4 Function buttons, 640×480 pix
  • Processor – Mobile Intel Celeron M 600 MHz
  • Working memory – Windows CE 5.0
  • Memory – Compact Flash 64MB – 2GB
  • Interfaces – Front USB- socket (1-fold), Rear (3-fold), Ethernet-Interface 1×10/100 Mbit, RJ45, PS/2-Interface, Serial Interface, PCI Modul Card: MC-CAN Dual Can Controller
  • Language – Unitext (all characters possible. i.E. z.B. Cyrillic, Chinese, Israeli etc.)
  • Keypad –  With 3 additional Function buttons, defineable for options as per customers request
  • Winding program –  Modular Setup which means, Winding and Index drive etc. can be programmed seperate and independent Modules can be copied and easily changed. Max 100 Modules
  • Winding methodes –  Continous, Reverse, Segment, Progressive Automatic Winding program set up
  • Program / Data management –  Programs are saved in CSV-Format. Therefore programs can be made externely. Own data management (with access authorisation) Programs can be saved onto USB-Stick, or onto the CF-Card in a seperate file. The central program management on an external PC (Server) is possible via Ethernet. Programs to be safed onto CF-Card. Easy file structure management. Every program can be reported with a text description.
  • Service – Remote control (Ftp- connection) possible. Teleservice via Remote desktopconnection(Ftp- connection) for troubleshooting in the logicprogram.Update of PLC- and visual display software via USB-Stick. Datas canbe sent via E-mail. Converter parameters for winding head- and Roller tabledrive can be edit from touch panel. (I.E. changement of rule parameters by bad power supply)