N.C. Siax 110I

The controller of the Linear Winder is a sturdy industrial CN-Control, with a RUFF developed Software.The winding programs will be created in winding steps. The controller can handle csv-files, so for example, very long programs can be written in Excel and load it in the machine.A network connection of the machine to a computer is also possible, for send and up load of
winding programs.All RUFF Linear Winders have the same controller, this has the advantage: one operator can handle all machine sizes from small bench top model up to heavy duty floor winder. Further the machine has 5 free programmable out-/ inputs for external devices if needed for your application, these can be activated or deactivated in each sequence.


  • Operating panel – LCD 4×20 – LED – Keyboard 41 buttons
  • Interpolation – Linear and circular
  • Modem – Remote control by internet
  • Increm. encoders – 1:2 – 5/12 V Push Pull/Line driver 200KHz
  • Inputs – 16
  • Outputs – 16
  • 2 Analogic inputs –  2×12 bit 0:5V
  • Analogic outputs –  2×12 bit +/- 10V
  • Protection –  IP65
  • Serial Lines –  2 lines RS232