RW 55-Evolution / RW 55-Evo-Shuttle

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  • Wire Monofilar – 0.8 – 6.5 mm
  • Wire Bifilar –  Up to 2×4 mm
  • Core OD – 100 – 1500 mm
  • Core ID – From 60 mm
  • Core H – Until 300 mm
  • Controller – N.C. IPC EL870 Touch Screen color
  • Table – Servo motor
  • Head – Servo motor
  • Tape width –  15- 30 mm
  • Flat wire –  5×12 mm


The machine bases are available in two versions: RW 55-Evolution with a fixed winding head and RW 55-Evo-Shuttle with a moveable winding head. The machine base in Shuttle-Version has a slide system for the winding heads. It enables to move the winding heads out of the winding area for a com- fortable load and unload the machine with toroidal cores (e.g. with a crane). This system brings especially for very large or very heavy cores crucial advantages. Programs are saved in CSV-Format. Therefore programs can be made externely by Excel. The Win- dows system allows own data management saved onto USB-Stick, or onto the CF-Card in a seperate file on the machine. A central program management on an external PC(Server) is possible via Ethernet connection. Easy file structure can be created and every program can be reported with a text description. The machine can also be remote controlled by Ftp-connection. Teleservice by our technicians via internet connection (Ftp-Connection) for trouble shooting in the logic program. Update of PLC- and visual display software via USB-Stick datas can be sent via E-mail.